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3:38 PM
The Bolsheviks Gain Power

Part I: After reading the following:
-How did Lenin get his new gov't on it's feet (pg 71)
-How did the Bolsheviks deal with the threat from people opposed to them? (pg 73)
-How did the Bolsheviks deal with the threat posed to the gov't by other socialists? (pg 74)
--How did Lenin deal with the problems posed by ending the war? (pg 74)

Assign and IB Score (1-7) in terms of how the Bolsheviks / Lenin handled the topic.

Part II: Using specific references explain the rationale for your choice of their best "grade".

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1 Andris  
govt on feet? He gave the masses everything they wanted, and eliminated opponents. it worked grade:6

How deal with people opposed
He created the Cheka to calm the populace, they mostly eliminated his opposition. Although he had to give in to the railway workers. Grade:5

How deal with other socials
He banned their newspapers and limited their influence, he didn't allow them into his govt, (one exception) and later eliminated them.(Cheka is a powerful tool)Grade:6

How deal with war He surrendered, he gave away huge amounts of territory, was ready for anything to stop the war Grade:4

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2 AnselmGrahl  
write more and dont pressure people to rate mine negatively!

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3 Polina_the_Cupcake  
4.One of the most important changes made by the Bolsehviks, was them signing the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which ended Russia's participation in WWI. Even though territorial losses were quite severe, the goal was achieved - Russia was finally in relative peace. This decision was not an easy one ( Russia lost 62 million people, 74 per cent of iron and coal reserves, etc.), but Lenin realized that the success of the Bolsheviks in October depended largely on their promise of peace, and in order to consolidate their power, this peace had to be achieved.

Overall, I would give Bolsheviks a 7 on their ability to consolidate power." A consistent and thorough understanding of the required knowledge and skills". On one hand, the Bolsheviks were going along with the popular demand, which obviously made them more popular, and on the other hand they eliminated the opposition by closing down the press and set the people on the bourgeoisie and the Kadets. Lenin should also be recognized for his ability to sacrifice land and resources in order to stay in power."There is consistent evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation where appropriate. "
In the end, the Bolsehviks were secured by the Cheka, the opponents did not have a role in the government anymore and people were finally getting what they wanted. Bravo, grandpa Lenin wink

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4 Edvards  
1. Grade- 6 very good, Lenin took a huge risk and simply gave the people what they wanted. It could have ended in many different ways, but it ended very favorable for Lenin because once he allowed and in-forced several things the majority of people were happier than before and so it wouldn't motivate people to get rid of Lenin because they had gotten what they wanted.

2. Grade-7 excellent, he banned the press of his opponent parties, banned the Kadets and introduced the Cheka to keep themselves in power. In my opinion Lenin did everything possible to eliminate an opposition.

3. Grade 5 good, Bolsheviks worked together and shared some power with the Left Social Revolutionaries, seemed more democrative with two parties as opposed to one

4. Grade 7 excellent, had two choices: sign peace treaty and lose land, or not sign peace treaty, suffer more causalities, and lose land anyway. He picked the right choice and ended Russia's involvement in the very unpopular war

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